Responsive Web Application Development.

  • Responsive. Mobile First. HTML5. MEAN Stack. APIs.

    Responsive. Mobile First. HTML5. MEAN Stack. APIs.

    Mobile first means your application is available across devices from the beginning.

  • Javascript MVC Single-Page

    Javascript MVC Single-Page

    I’ve worked with Stapes and Ember MVC frameworks and am looking to expand into Backbone, Angular – whatever! Working in an MVC environment is a dream, especially when combined with Handlebars templating.

  • jQuery and JavaScript Libraries

    jQuery and JavaScript Libraries

    jQuery and JavaScript libraries are essential tools in today’s development – when used sparingly. I write custom solutions, such as for an accordion control, whenever possible. Your application performs better and is more easily updated.

  • “Erik has a great ability to absorb new technologies and combine them with his current skills to get the job done and deliver quality work. He is a very personable, approachable human being, as well as a very valuable employee.”

    - Jeff Stewart (Senior Director Technology, OMNI)
  • “Erik is such a pleasure to work with. He brings an eye for detail, focus, solid work ethic and total commitment to every project. Erik always acts in the best interests of the project, and isn’t afraid to voice alternative approaches. As a Project Manager, I welcome those insights.”

    - Jeff Hindle (Senior Project Manager, OMNI)
  • “Erik did a nice job converting my design from the basic HTML format to and exact match with full WordPress functionality. The site looks fantastic. I like how the pages load up it adds some nice movement.”

    - Ethan May


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